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Your default password is the first six letters of your last name.

If your last name has less than six letters, enter your last name in full then add zeros until your password is six characters in length.

It is often a good idea to contact the NCITE Membership Committee Chair to ensure the local section has your most current email address in their system. 


The North Central Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (NCITE) welcomes membership applications from persons who are engaged in the fields of transportation or traffic engineering and planning. The Section has two membership grades -- Section Member and Section Affiliate. The requirements for each are explained below.


Any voting member of the International ITE residing in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota is automatically enrolled as a member in the North Central Section. Section Member dues are added to your International dues and are collected annually by International ITE.

Those interested in applying for member status or student membership should apply through the International ITE Website. Directions are available on the website.


Those persons who have an interest in transportation or traffic engineering and/or planning, but are not eligible to be voting members of the International ITE, may become Section Affiliates. Section Affiliates need not reside in the three states that comprise the North Central Section and generally fit into one of the following classifications:

  • Persons who hold the International ITE membership grade of Institute Affiliate or Student.

  • Professionals in related fields not eligible for Institute membership who, by virtue of official position or commercial employment, are in a position to contribute to the work of transportation or traffic engineers and/or planners.

  • Persons engaged in commerce and industry who come into frequent contact with transportation or traffic engineers and/or planners, and who thus have an interest in the profession and are in a position to work with and assist transportation or traffic engineers and/or planners.

  • Persons who are engaged in transportation or traffic engineering and/or planning on a paraprofessional level, and who work with transportation professionals.

  • College students in a recognized engineering or planning curriculum of an institution of higher learning who have an interest in transportation or traffic engineering and/or planning.

Section Affiliates have all the rights and privileges of Section Members except that they can not hold any office other than Director on the Executive Board.  Section Affiliates do vote for all offices and by-law changes for the Section, but do not have any voting rights at the District or International levels. Section Affiliate dues are collected annually by NC-ITE.

To apply for NCITE Section Affiliate membership, please choose from one of the options below.