Student Paper Competition

NCITE awards $500 annually for the best student paper pertaining to transportation engineering or transportation planning. Papers are judged on the following criteria:

  1. Technical merit
  2. Clarity and organization
  3. Completeness as related to stated purpose
  4. Applicability to current issues facing the transportation engineering profession


Arthur Yan Huang
University of Minesota
"Different Payment Methods Impact on Transit Speed and Performance"


2011 - Shaker Rabban
"Different Payment Methods Impact on Transit Speed and Performance"

2010 - Shanjiang Zhu
"A Portfolio Theory of Route Choice"

2009 - Pavithra Parthasarathi
"Post-Construction Evaluation of Forecast Accuracy"

2007 - Xinkai Wu, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
"Improving Queue Size Estimation for Minnesota's Stratified Zone Metering Strategy

2006 - Nebiyou Tilahun, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
“Travel Time Reliability in Route Choice using Adaptive Stated Preference”